Our weddings at Say Yes are designed and constructed based on our couple’s personality. We believe that weddings have to be a direct reflection of our couples, and that your destination wedding in Portugal has to fully represent you both. Therefore all weddings that we create are unique and unlike any other done before. We have a strong dislike for repetition, and with different couples we believe that it is quite unlikely to ever repeat weddings. Our weddings are not only catered to your personalities, but also your dreams and wishes for your destination wedding in Portugal. With several meetings to discuss what your aim is, we work step by step to produce the highest-level weddings. You will always be the most important part, and not one step will be taken without your approval and without a prior discussion. You may check below and discover how Say Yes Weddings look like. Please do not hesitate to check out our contacts so that we can have a chat about your destination wedding in Portugal.

We also believe that Wedding Themes are a crucial part of making any wedding in Portugal as personal possible. If there is something special that you as a couple have in common, why not turn that into your wedding theme? We have had Alice in Wonderland weddings in Portugal, Frida Khalo Mexican weddings in Portugal, Winter Wonderland Weddings in Portugal, Disney Weddings in Portugal, and so many more ideas of weddings in Portugal. The more creative, and personal, the better the outcome and the more people who will remember these special weddings in Portugal. At Say Yes Weddings, we will help your creativity come out, to create only the best themes for weddings in Portugal! We cannot wait to hear your very own ideas!


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