The DJ is almost the person who determines whether your wedding in Portugal flows or not. He has a crucial role, and therefore we are very picky about our DJs. We work only with the best, and have the greatest relationship with our DJs, to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day! You can choose your very own playlist and send it over to us, or you can let the DJ decide based on your style and music preference. We will also help you in choosing your first dance music for your destination wedding in Portugal, as well as the ceremony tunes and the cocktail hits.


Most clients choose to have a live band either during the cocktail or during their dance! We find this a great idea because it gives your destination wedding in Portugal a whole lot more of personality! We work with jazz bands, Portuguese music bands, cover bands, and new age bands! We believe that having this touch at your wedding in Portugal does make a difference and creates such a great mood. You can even choose to have a saxophone playing alongside the DJ, which isn’t a whole band, but also creates a great mood!


Fado is the traditional Portuguese folk song, and therefore we have several clients who ask for it to be played at their destination wedding in Portugal. In Portugal we give a great importance to Fado. Since your destination wedding is in Portugal, and since you’re having a wedding in Portugal, it would be very special to have some Fado playing. This usually happens during the reception, whilst everyone is sitting down at a candle lit dinner. The songs are very Romantic, and usually speak of love, so they are ideal for your wedding in Portugal!


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