Even though during the day you will barely notice them walking around and taking shots, your photographer has to have a really good relation with you as a client. We work with several photographers, all with their unique visions and styles, however you will have to choose which one you would like for your destination wedding in Portugal. For years after your special day, you will sit with your loved ones and look back on the gorgeous pictures of your destination wedding in Portugal.


Some couples don’t see the point of having a video, and some couples cannot wait to see the footage, so it really depends. However, we believe its essential, and a very important part of your destination wedding in Portugal. Even though you will have your wedding captured in pictures, there is nothing like having a video that shows behind the scenes of every little detail of your wedding. You will love to keep on looking back on the gorgeous footage captured by the best professionals.


With both the wedding photography and wedding video of your destination wedding in Portugal, there are different styles that accompany both. Therefore, you need to choose a style that matches both your Photographer as well as your Videographer. Whether you want a vintage touch with darker colors and contrasts, or whether you want a soft toned romantic look, we will help you decide to ensure that your image theme is consistent and beautiful for you as a couple. It is always useful to see what you have liked beforehand, so that we can find you the perfect match for both these categories!


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